Ideas for Your Next DIY Pallet Project


Many of my fellow wood pallet crafters who pursue this activity as a regular and full time activity often complain that sometimes they just get stuck when no great wood pallet recycling idea really hits their mind. I can understand it pretty good because I have also been through the same phase. There came a time when this became an obsession for me. So sometimes the crafters really run short of basic inspirations or ideas. Here we have got some ideas for your next DIY pallet wood project, I hope you all would find it pretty helpful.


Let me begin with this smart repurposed pallet wood bar. This is created in such a manner that this could ideally be used inside the house and commercially as well. This is made with simple raw wood pallet planks and is a great addition wherever you place it.

My pallet bar!  Viondi Phillips

Now coming towards a more domestic and typically made sitting arrangement again made suing the shipping wood pallets. Not only the bench and the table is made with pallets, but we also see some raw wooden pallet planters and the fencing as well all around the sitting space.

Created & Shared by:  Apostolis Kyritsis 

I have always emphasized on the fact that these pallet benches have got a close affiliation with all such outdoor spaces. Whenever we read literature we mostly read the bench being used in outdoor spaces. So if you have got a green landscape, trust me this one is going to be an ideal wood pallet installation.

Euro pallets into bench with lean back. Footrest with castor wheels dbls as coffee table and side table.  Jeremy Whyte 

Although the very first bar was also pretty competent and appealing, but here we have got another pallet wooden made bar. This is much fancy, nicely finished and also possess a very attractive design as well. You can apply different color schemes according to your choice.

Pallet bar with 6 lockable castor wheels. Hardwood (not pallet) top.  Jeremy Whyte 


Created & Shared by:  Mind Ore Zen 


Pallet wall made to hang pictures on. Candles hung and rope light in the background.  David Hague 



Created & Shared by:  Il Bestia 


Outdoor pallet sofa and table  Andrew James Simpson 


Casita para perro  Sergio Corpus 


Comparto un trabajito de fin de semana  Christian Alor Atlahua 


Created & Shared by:  Pitufo Perez 


Created & Shared by:  Владислав Христов 


Created & Shared by:  Владислав Христов 


Created & Shared by:  Robert Andonovski 


Created & Shared by:  Владислав Христов


Created & Shared by:  Димитър Стефанов 


Created & Shared by:  Teoman Avcı


Created & Shared by:  Teoman Avcı


Who said garage of the house needs to be a place without information only p / use of the car! … transforming the garage of the house in a lounge!!  Laysla Lidig 



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