DIY Wood Pallets Rocking Chair Plan


Why not to save money when a person has a chance? The furniture is something that is mandatory in a home and it is not cheap, a single piece of furniture needs to spend hundreds of dollars and if a person selects to get any stylish items; then it requires investing thousands. So, it is wise to search the ideas with which one can fulfill the need of a furniture piece by creating it at home. Here are the steps of creating the DIY wood pallets rocking chair for enjoying in the lawn with the beauty of nature.

DIY Wood Pallets Rocking Chair Plan

Like every other object, the rocking chair also needs the base; so here is the base which is created first of all the things. You can see how the wood pallets are reshaped for creating the curved base of the rocking chair.
diy pallets rocking chair

After the base comes the step of creating the seating area, for which the border is created first and then the reclaimed wood pallets are filled in it to create the area to sit and enjoy. The pallets are used without the paint for this idea. They can be painted and it is up to the creator of the chair.
diy pallets made rocking chair

Now here is the image of the chair with the seating area completed. The pallets are cut into small width and long in size to create the seating area. It is not hard to copy any object or furniture piece if the person has the skills.
diy recycled pallets rocking chair


diy wooden pallets rocking chair

In the end, the back of the repurposed wood pallet rocking chair is created to complete the project. The back is created slightly bent to rest the back on it to relax. The design is looking nice and it can be painted with any dark color to place in the lawn.
how to make rocking chair with pallets

Here is the image of the full completed  project, it is great to be copied if someone likes to spend time in the garden of the home for refreshing the mind and body after the long tiring day. There is no worry of the chair getting damaged with weather because the pallets are strong.
repurposed pallets rocking chair diy

Created & Shared by: Pablo Arredondo

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