Repurposed Wooden Pallets Made TV Stand Idea


This fine piece of artwork creates a modern TV table out of retired wood pallets recycled in a fine manner. This is a most economical way of making a modern looking furniture for yourself out of free of cost raw wood pallets. The only cost that you bear is your time and skills. Make wood pallet table of your own size and style that meets your need. This delicate TV table is a fine and finished craft of great style. You can make it of the size which is appropriate to your TV lounge. The design can help in the utility of this craftsmanship by adding more drawers and a hollow space that solves your storage issues as well.

Repurposed Wooden Pallets Made TV Stand Idea

This reclaimed fine wood pallet TV table looks so well proportioned to its size, height & width. The front side is so classic with three drawers and a hollow space to keep your books and magazines. The table top also seems enough spacious to accommodate for any additional item you want to place.
wood pallet tv stand

Reshaped multipurpose TV table offers more room for your belongings with a big square Drawer and a wide horizontal drawer. The horizontal drawer is wide enough to be installed two handles to it which gives a balanced look. It is a beautiful gift for your own TV lounge.
pallets wood recycled tv stand

This re-cycled pallet wood TV table has a well finished and polished top with pallets arranged in good balance and of same size. The top of the table is giving a fine and polished look. It seems a wonder to believe that it is a home made furniture.
pallets wooden tv stand


palllets tv stand plan

The artwork at its best ! The cross on the door of the drawer is really sharpening the design of this wood pallet made reclaimed TV table. The rosewood texture of the this fine table is perfectly complementing the design. A piece worth your time and effort !
pallets made tv stand


repurposed pallets tv stand

Reshaped wood pallet TV table as a whole is a flawless artistic work with well detailed attention of the artist. Its professional looks will not let anyone believe that it is not crafted in a professional workshop. Why not save yourself money with these creative ideas.
wooden pallets tv stand

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