DIY Pallet Coffee Table Tutorial


Making a wood pallet repurposed coffee table has always been an immense pleasure for me. I don’t know exactly the reason but I do have a strange obsession with the pallet wooden coffee tables. If we talk about the importance of the table as compared to other wooden furniture items then I guess this would be a pretty hours long debate. In the simplest words I would say that a house cannot be called a properly managed one if it is lacking a comprehensive range of wooden tables’ atleast. Let’s try making a pallet DIY coffee table.


In the beginning we have to make the basic structure or the frame of the wood pallet coffee table. So first of all you would dis assemble the shipping pallets first, cut them to the size that you have already worked on. As it is a multi layered table, the lower layer would be completed first.
diy-pallet-table diy-wood-pallet-table

Once you are done with the frame and the lower tier of the table, now comes the phase of filling the table top with the planks. As we see that the table follows a certain pattern where slightly tilted pallet wood planks are fixed or nailed on the table top.
diy-pallet-coffee-table pallet-wooden-table  recycled-pallet-table

Other than the outer border lines of the table that are made using the straight wood pallet planks, you would have to make the inner surface by nailing the planks in a tilted manner as we see in the picture. So you also would have to cut each plank accordingly.

Once you are done with the creation of the pallet wood made coffee table, finally this is recommended to sand the whole texture of the wood as the table would always be in direct contact with you, and rough texture of wood can cause serious bruises so be good with the sanding finally.

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