Pallet Made Giant Bed


A wooden room bed made out of the shipping pallets could be really a nice idea, but hang on, we are talking about a giant bed made with the wooden pallets, sounds a bit strange right? Well, no need to get astonished, we just have intentions to make it pretty huge and wide spread. And we have planned to make it so big because we just wanted to create some extra space so that a couple of people could be accommodated here at the same time. Although we would be in need of supplies in bulk, but we would not counter any complications in the basic design and shape scheme.


This is a bit distant look of the pallet wood repurposed giant bed. We see that only the shipping wood pallet planks are used in the execution of the entire project. So again this would be a great incentive for the crafters as they do not need to arrange for some additional supplies.

We also see a decent feature of the simply made wooden pallet side tables that are matching to the main theme of the room bed. They are made in the simplest possible manner, like this would just be a support on both sides of the bed.

If we talk about the wooden pallet bed headboard, again we see no complicated patterns or any carving or fancy wood work is done in the making of this part. Again this is kept as simple as possible. While the frame of the bed that was supposed to be pretty huge to make it a giant bed, we see it is quite wide spread, a lot more than the conventional sizes that are pursued normally in making these wooden room beds. A very simple rather dull shade is use for the staining making it look like a raw creation.

Created & Shared by: Chacha Kawa

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