Wood Pallets Made Toy Chest Cum Bench


Not only a home requires the items that are for adults for for fulfilling the need of the seating, the home also requires the products for the kids as they are an important part of the family. Their every need should be fulfilled and it is not necessary to rush to the store to get them a furniture piece because every person can make it at home with the use of wood pallets. Here we are going to show you a creative idea to create wood pallets made toy chest which also serves as a bench, so it will save the space in the room.

Wood Pallets Made Toy Chest Cum Bench

Look at the furniture piece created with hands at home for the kids room, it will allow a place to store the toys as well as a place to sit. This is a good way of avoiding the mess in kids room.
pallet bench chest

The pallets are painted white and blue, so it is a good theme for the boy’s room and if someone wants to color the reclaimed wood pallet toy chest cum bench for the girl’s room; then the pink color can be selected.
wooden pallet toy chest bench

pallet toy chest idea

See how the chest looks from inside, it is not untidy. It is easy to open and the kids can open it themselves as well. It stores too many toys and the chest is sea themed. There are small boxes on four corners which serve as legs of the chest and allow cleaning the place under the chest.
pallet toy chest plan

wooden pallets made chest plan

Now here is the look of repurposed wood pallet chest from the back side. It is painted white from the back and it can be painted with any funky color as well. The paint brush is utilized to draw the paintings on it and a person is free to draw anything on the chest.
recycled pallet chest bench idea


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