Adorable Closet Idea with Upcycled Pallets Wood


The bedroom looks incomplete without the closet; it is an area where a person wants something to store the clothes and the other things that are utilized on a daily basis. The closet which is huge requires a large amount of money if someone wants to buy from the furniture store and it is fine to buy if the person likes the styles, but if the design is not according to the taste of the homeowner; then it is not necessary to buy it because we have a solution of this problem for which just reused wood pallets are required.

Adorable Closet Idea with Upcycled Pallets Wood

See the idea we have for you, the closet is covering the whole wall. It is huge and there is no need to create anything more for the bedroom because it contains enough storage space. There is also a space to store the sandals and shoes.
wood pallet made closet

Now here is the presentation of the reclaimed wood pallet closet from inside, the rod area is huge to allow hanging clothes. There are drawers beneath the hanging area for storing the products like the jewelry or other items that a person uses daily.
wooden pallets made closet plan

There are many different types of storage spaces in the closet, there are drawers for small items, there are long storage spaces for the hanging need and there are square shaped areas for placing the items like shoes which looks bad when placed openly. The closet is nice in looks even when it is created at home.
recycled pallets closet


closet made with pallets

You can also see the storage space on the upper portion of the repurposed wood pallet closet, the space can be utilized to store the items that don’t belong to the current season. The bed sheets or blankets can also be stored in that area. The black colored handles are used for the doors, the combination of black and skin is looking nice.
pallets closet plan

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