Recycled Pallet Artistic Tables


In many of the earlier wood pallet creations we have literally made countless pallet wooden projects so far. Some of them were formally made and finished and some were pretty raw and rough in texture and finishing as well. But this time this is going to be an entirely different scenario. The tables that we are talking about today are the recycled pallet artistic tables. Now the pertinent question arises that artistic in what sense, in the shape or the appearance. So this is all about the sceneries and paintings drawn on the tops of these wood pallet repurposed tables.


Beginning with this immensely simple pallet wooden made table, we can see that the design is as much simple as possible. But to give it an artistic touch we see the drawing on the table top that is also done with some primary raw colors that are very easily available in the market.

Although we could have done a lot of things with the table top, like we could have added the glass top, or some other additions that we usually make. But I guess this approach is the cheapest and the most artistic among all of them.

These paintings are so close to my heart because they all remind me of the work done by my little angel, these paintings are so simple and raw that they could literally be tried even by the amateurs as well. So you must consider this new approach and try atleast one out of them.
pallet-wood-table-art wood-pallet-table

While the final one is a relatively bigger one that could ideally be used as a dining table especially for the kids, because they have always been so much in love with the colors and such childish drawings. Simple raw pallet wood planks are assembled together and then a purely amateur art work is demonstrated on the top.
repurposed-pallet-table repurposed-pallet-table-1 wood-pallet-table-idea pallets-wood-table wooden-pallet-table pallet-tables wooden-pallets-table

Created & Shared by: Steve and Kym’s Upcycled Pallets

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