Have a Look & Don’t Waste Your Wooden Pallets


Gone are the days when people used to waste the wooden Pallets. Now a days, there are splendid ideas to utilize the pallets by recycling them in an efficient manner. These wooden pallets can serve multiple purposes for the luxury and comfort of humans. Instead of wasting your money on expensive and poorly made furniture, give a try to the Wooden Pallets. There are hundreds of designs in wooden pallet furniture to inspire you. Step ahead, use these wooden pallets to create something entirely innovative and  unique! You can build tables, sofas, chairs, beds and other home decor stuff from pallet wood that too on very inexpensive rates.


This swing is a beautiful creation with the help of pallet wood. The swing would not only beautify the interior of your house, it would equally enhance the grace of your home garden. The wooden swing is perfect for your morning coffee. It is cute enough to make you smile every time when you will look at it.

I gathered some old wood from pallets and remodel and made a porch swing for the wife….then family and friends saw it and I ended up making about 10 more…..lol.  Ken Daniels

This wooden chest is again made with the very artistic assembling of the pallet wood. it can be used as a table to serve tea to the guests or to fill in the gap in your room if there is any . The artist Kivid Designs has displayed best of her creative skills in the making of this trunk.

100% reconditioned pallet wood.  Kivid Designs

This is a simple bottle rack again made with the pallet wood. This project is inexpensive but the result is amazing, isn’t it? This rack is perfect to store cold drinks for your guests especially if you often arrange barbecue parties at home. This bottle rack should b placed outside or near the barbecue. It would not only be handy but will also be a unique style to give an eye catchy look to your party.

Probably my last major project till spring. 60 bottle wine rack made from a scrapped pallet found on side of road. Feet are from a chair frame. Finished with hand rubbed tong oil and three strip of scrap cedar.  Jeff Davis

This is a beautiful table lamp. It is made with the wooden reel of cable and indeed is a unique idea. The cable reel has been artistically modified to give it a shape of a lamp. The reel is wrapped with a cloth that is matching with the pillow in the bedroom. After wrapping the reel, the lamp has been given an electricity connection through a cable connected in to the socket. This is a small but a fun project. This will surely be a nice addition to your bedroom. The lamp may be placed on your study table or the side table of your bed.

Created & Shared by:  Nello Gigi


Created & Shared by:  Reciclando Pallets Cd. Victoria Tams.

This white colored patio furniture is a gorgeous idea to use pallets in an effective way. This patio furniture will certainly take your patio a step ahead from your neighbor,s. This set of furniture consists of one long bench, a corner double seat bench and two quite spacious tables. The complete set is made with pallets by recycling them in an efficient manner. The thick layer of white paint has indeed given a luxurious look to the pallets.

Created & Shared by:  Milan Tabak

This pallet deck in the garden is a brilliant idea to utilize pallets in a most efficient manner. To complete this project, the pallets are gathered and shaped in rectangle with all equal in size. The rectangle shape is beautifully adjusted in the available space.

Deck para jardim de Inverno Era uma vez um palete.  Era uma vez um palete

This pallet dining table is nicely created by using  the recycled pallets. To have meals on such dining table is a super sophisticated idea as pallet furniture is very much in fashion now a days. The best thing about this dining table is that it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor places. This dining table is a splendid use of pallets. The natural color of pallets have increased its grace manifolds.

Created & Shared by:  Era uma vez um palete

To have a pallet bed in your bedroom with an underneath storage sounds a great idea, isn’t it? As we all love pallet furniture now a days, this pallet bed is a perfection example of comfort and peace of mind. Now the hassle of finding your important stuff is over as this bed has enough space to store all your important needy stuff. Now your bedroom will be a complete organized thing for you. Thanks to the pallets which have made a dreamy bedroom possible for you that too with no heavy costs.


Created & Shared by:  Wes Smith

Fresh air and closeness to the natural environment is very necessary for human beings. Nature has a very positive impact on human health too but the severity of weathers makes it hard for humans to go out and enjoy the outdoor environment. To have a shed that would be smart enough to let you avail the pure environment is indeed a blessing in disguise. This pallet shed is a beautiful creativity in this regard. It is a kind of cabin that has a door and a window too. This is a dream pallet shed which ensures that you could enjoy the luxury of being in fresh environment and could enjoy the weather.

My shed from pallet.  Cuco Pereira Estevez


Created & Shared by:  EDPalettes


Created & Shared by:  Bruce Lunde


Created & Shared by:  Wes Smith


Created & Shared by:  Kivid Designs


Pallet table and bench.  Bob Jansen


Created & Shared by:  Era uma vez um palete


Created & Shared by:  David Hoad


Created & Shared by:  Wes Smith


Created & Shared by:  Reciclando Pallets Cd. Victoria Tams.
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