Repurposed Pallet Bed


If we are ever asked to draw a list of the wooden furniture items according to their importance, the article that would stand on the top would be a wooden room bed. And same is the case with their prices, like we cannot buy a nice wooden room bed unless we are not having some robust amounts of bucks. But at the same time I would love to offer my gratitude to the shipping pallets. It was a simply raw and discarded material that is turned into worth wile and fully functional furniture items by our team of fellow wood pallet crafters.


So I guess you guys are fully prepared and equally excited to go for this certain project. We are heading towards a very adorable repurposed wood pallet bed that is required in every house for sure. And this is not a mere isolated wood pallet bed, but this is going to be whole comprehensive package.

One more feature that is installed or added in this recycled pallet wooden room bed is the lighting element. We have actually installed some tiny lighting bulbs on the bottom of the wood pallet room bed. They would create a very exquisite impression undoubtedly.

As we look into the details of the room bed, the whole of the structure of the room bed is made out of mere shipping pallet planks. And we have also made a proper headboard in this room bed. This is a single yet pretty wide wooden room bed. If we talk specifically about the side tables, they are made in the simplest possible manner. They are quite open from all the angles. And finally we have painted the whole project with a perfectly appropriate shade that really makes it an ideal wooden pallet room installation.

Created & Shared by: Julia Jansen

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