Rustic White Wash Pallet Wood Kist


You know what, this wooden pallet made kist or boxes really play a very important role that is probably beyond the comprehension of the general masses. Look you cannot arrange for only some stylish and shiny wooden made creations for the storage of all of your accessories, nor do you ever feel like being self sufficient in the matter of storage. There are a lot of accessories that we really have to deal with and we have to provide them some better and secure space. So I guess this wood pallet made kist that is simply white washed would be of great support.


As we have cleared this thing already in the title that we are going to stain or white wash the kist, so one thing has become pretty clear. And that is the quality of the shipping pallets. Like you can grab any available pallets straight away, and just get started with this job.

The other thing is that the design of this wooden box is kept deliberately quite simple, the first and foremost reason is the ease of the subscribers and the fellow wood pallet crafters, and the other is the potential reason that some additional features would lessen up the available space.

So as planned, keep it as simple as possible. Just cut the pallet wood planks straight as measured before. Although this nice piece of cut rope would add a pretty raw and artistic touch to the kist. And on the other hand this is also quite cheap.

To attach the door with the trunk, you can use the commonly available metallic brackets, make sure that they are of high quality and strong enough. Finally simply use the cheap white wash to finish the wood pallet project, and a very important accessory is all set to be used.

Created & Shared by: Kingdom Pallet Creations

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