Pallet Bench with Mini-Fridge


I think many of you would have literally gone nuts while reading the title like, pallet bench with mini fridge, and you would be like what? A wooden bench with fridge? So before you get crazier, let me make it pretty clear that the bench isn’t having a literal electric fridge installed with it nor I do any magic tricks. This is simple wood pallet recycling business. This is actually a table that has got an attached portion that looks perfectly like a fridge having the same compartments and same shape. So I guess this would be a great support in many perspectives.


Before we get started with the elaboration of the creation, have a distant look and just tell me what exactly does it look like? Doesn’t it look like a bench with a perfect wooden fridge installed beside? That’s the main idea that we were talking about.

Now just for your ease, we have given here an even closer look. This would further clarify many of your confusions. This looks like a perfect mini fridge, but again I would say don’t take it in the literal meanings. This is a mere wooden installation looking like a perfect fridge, actually there is no cooling system installed inside it at all.

As far as the design and shape of the couch or the bench is concerned, we see it is made in the maximum possible casual manner. This is another artistic aspect of the wood pallet made bench with mini fridge.

Finally we have revealed the inside look of the attached fridge. Now comes the matter that what exactly this attached fridge would be used for, so you can use it as general storage space or you may also store inside some frozen food that you would consume while sitting outside in the open.

Created & Shared by: CipherBlue

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