Repurposed Pallet Made Dog House


Almost all of us own different pets and indiscriminately we all love them as if they are also a member of our families, then at the same time this brings me more conviction that we must also treat them accordingly. Like we not just take care of their food and its hygiene and a couple of other things but we also must look for the better opportunities to arrange proper accommodation for them. And this thought could be materialized by repurposing the wood pallet, and right here we have got a nice demonstration of this fact where we have got a repurposed pallet dog house. Let’s see how it looks and how it works.


I guess the design is inspired from the old castles and filmy structures that we used to see in the vintage movies. So in short this is an awesome idea that has been worked on very nicely.

One more thing that must be discussed here that this is not at all an isolated small pallet wood made dog house, rather this is a huge idea that certainly required a lot of supplies and also some certain skills as well. So I think the amateur crafters must stay away from this.

It has got a proper slide or infact a couple of slides that are connecting to it with the hut shaped rooms. The caves make it look worth appreciation from all the perspectives. The holes that are spared for ventilation purpose look like a further embellishment and a structural beauty.

And finally we see that conventional staining is not applied to this pallet wood repurposing project, rather we see some very stylish and modern staining techniques that make it look more charming. This staining is done with a certain technique using the fire as all learned crafters know about this.

Created & Shared by: EPOH MM

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