Before And After Wood Pallet Wall Art


I have come across a number of people who are so obsessed with the matters of their home interiors that they never at any cost tend to compromise. Well, they can go to any extent in the pursuance of this desire, they spend a lot of money, they hire professionals and still they seen dissatisfied. I would recommend them to consider atlest once the pallet wood made wall art ideas. In making this accent wall the expenses are near to none, and they are simply matchless having their own particular char and charisma.


Here we would be experimenting with before and after wood pallet wall art idea. Actually we are going to transform the simply stained wall into the pallet wood made wall cladding. And trust me the outcome is going to leave you speechless. Again the great thing is the cost effectiveness, while the yield is a lot more than the expectation.

So if you plan to experiment with this pallet wood wall décor idea, believe me you don’t need any additional supplies other than the simple shipping wood pallets. Obviously some supportive things arev going to be used during the process that must be arranged.

But as the material the pallet wood planks are just more than enough. One more thing, this is not at all any compulsion to arrange for only high quality pallet wood, but you can opt for some random pallet wood planks. Although they must not be too rough to look good inside your room.

Simply dis assemble the pallets, use some high quality adhesive, you can cut the planks in random sizes. Now paste them along the wall using that very adhesive and finally strengthen the wooden layer using an effective nail gun. And now make a comparison of the wall before and after the installation of this wood pallet idea.

Created & Shared by: Dave Taylor

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