50 Easy DIY Ideas Out of Wooden Pallets


The items that are created at home are praiseworthy and those who like to impress others through their creativity get the chance to show their skills with the help of the materials that can be easily modified like the wood pallets. Those who can’t afford to buy every furniture piece new for a newly created home can go for the idea of creating the furniture as well as many other decorative items at home because it will not only save the money, but will also make the home give a different look. So, here are 50 easy DIY ideas made up of wood pallets.

50 Easy DIY Ideas Out of Wooden Pallets

At the beginning of showing the creative reclaimed wood pallet ideas, we would love to show you an idea which is great to be placed in any area of the home. The entryway shelving table can be placed in the kitchen as well.

pallet entryway shelving table
Created & Shared by: Jeff Huebener‎

Now here is an idea for a simple table, it can be created for the TV launch as the room requires something to place the decorative items or for having a meal. So, this idea is great and there is a space beneath its surface to place the items like books and TV remote controller which are used in TV launch.

wooden pallet table
Created & Shared by: Kyle Duggan‎

Here is another idea of rustic look entryway table, but this one is sophistic and you can see yourself that it is looking sober. The wall paint is of white color and the table is painted white to maintain the sober look of the area.

rustic look entryway table
Created & Shared by: Amie Harris‎

Health is wealth, so here we are going to show an idea with which we can help a sick person get back the health again. This recycled wood pallet shelves idea serves as a reminder for taking the medicine every single day.

recycled wood pallet shelves
Created & Shared by: Brenda Belcher‎

It is an outstanding wall art idea and it is perfect for the kid’s room as they love to decorate their room like the fantasy world. The stars can make their room attractive for them, so this idea can be copied easily with the wood pallets and the ready-made lights.

pallet wall art
Created & Shared by: Brenda Belcher‎


pallet wall art 2
Created & Shared by: Lauren Smith

Now here is a king size bed frame for a huge room, it can be created for the couple’s room and can also be created for the kid’s room if the kids don’t demand a separate bed. This is simple, so easy to copy and painted with white color for the sophisticated look.

pallet king size bed frame
Created & Shared by: Jimmy Smith‎

This idea is good for an area in the home, which requires something to adorn it or for arranging a space to sit, relax and have a cup of tea with the loved one. The entryway furniture is not hectic to create as the design is not complicated.

wood pallet entryway furniture
Created & Shared by: Miriam Makosky‎

Look at the storage box, which can also serve as a bench if foam is placed over it. No one can judge that it is a box for storage if it is placed in the TV launch covered with a cloth. The pallets can be painted with any color if someone has decided to place this in the kid’s room.

wood pallet storage box
Created & Shared by: Eric VanDyke‎

Now come to an idea for the patio, you can arrange the seating by creating a repurposed wood pallet rustic patio bench. This will not take much time in completion and just brown color is needed for its graceful look.

rustic pallet patio bench
Created & Shared by: Jay Hall‎

The kids love when they are provided something special and they are the alone owner of it, so if you love your daughter and want to provide her something special; copy this pallets made mud kitchen idea and write her name on it. She will surely love your creation.

pallets made mud kitchen
Created & Shared by: Andrew Barden‎

We never forget to add an idea for the lawn or the garden, so here it is. Copying this vintage pallets garden bench idea will arrange a space to sit in the garden. The pallets are not painted for this idea and it is still looking perfect.

vintage pallets garden bench
Created & Shared by: Jordan Simpson

Here we are presenting a unique idea for the seating, this reused wood pallets and cable reel bench is created with the different style in mind due to which it is giving a great look. There is a space to place the glass and other items, which eliminates the need of creating a table separately.

reused pallets and cable reel bench
Created & Shared by: Lonnie Fisher


wood pallets bathroom vanity
Created & Shared by: Mike Flournoy


recycled pallets storage cabinet
Created & Shared by: Mike Wooton


recycled pallets mud kitchen
Created & Shared by: Andrew Barden

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Shelve is an important requirement if there is nothing in the room for placing and organizing the items, so here we have an idea of wooden pallet shelving for you. Here you can see how amazingly the person has organized the products in it. The books create mess in a room, so this shelf has given a place to set them properly. The photo frame is placed for the decoration purpose and decoration pieces are also placed on the shelf to make the area look awesome. This idea is not difficult to create because the pallets don’t need to be cut creatively or according to a design.

wooden pallet shelving idea
Created & Shared by: Bruno Santos

The pets are lovely and they should be treated with care, so here we have an idea for the hens and chickens in the home. This wooden pallet chicken coop is great for providing a specific place to the chicken to relax.

wooden pallet chicken coop
Created & Shared by: Beverly Stumpf Bokan

Another idea for creating a patio bench is here, it can be painted; but some people believe that items placed outside the home look great even when they are not painted. This patio bench is not looking bad, it is giving an awesome look.

wood pallet patio bench
Created & Shared by: Kim Curtis

Here is presented a rustic idea, paints of different colors are used for making this item attractive. The combination of the colors can be chosen according to the wish. This idea will not take many days in completion and it is easy to create at home with the wood pallets.

pallets rustic idea
Created & Shared by: Kim Adams

Here is an idea for the kids, it will eliminate the need of allowing them to play outside the home. The upcycled wood pallets made kids play kitchen is appealing in look because funky colors are used to make it attractive. There is a sink as well as hooks to hang the items needed for cooking purpose.

pallets made kids play kitchen
Created & Shared by: Michael Moran

There are many people, who love to have goats in their home and they love to treat them as their family member. So, here we are with the recycled wood pallets goat house which is amazing in looks. It has the stairs and is created perfectly with the roof.

recycled pallets goat house
Created & Shared by: Julie Lindsey

Here is an idea for the decoration of the bedroom, the walls look empty if they are left with just the paint. So, anyone with the empty walls can make it look appealing with this wood pallets shelf plan on which the photo frame and other items can be placed for decoration.

wood pallets shelf plan
Created & Shared by: Roger Dale Quinn


wood pallets shelf plan 2
Created & Shared by: Angel Day


wood pallets shelf plan 3
Created & Shared by: Donald Mellon

Seating arrangement is the most important need because everyone likes to relax seeing the beauty of the nature, so here we are showing an outdoor bench idea. It will allow relaxed seating as the bench is comfortable. It can be painted if the person wants to make it attractive.

reclaimed pallet outdoor bench
Created & Shared by: David Amber Negri

The kitchen of the home is not an area to leave as it is because the family members enjoy the meal sitting in that area, so it should be attractive and its setting should be refreshing. Here is an idea for the kitchen floor, it is created with pallets of different colors and is looking nice.

pallets made kitchen floor
Created & Shared by: Chris Meyer

The creative craft lovers are all over the world and we know it due to which we never forget to add the ideas to create crafts with wooden pallets, you can see garden art craft with pallets here and it is easy to copy.

garden art craft with pallets
Created & Shared by: Alex Gonzales

The idea shown here is for those who love to enjoy sitting near fire in the winter season. The reclaimed wood pallet firepit and TV stand is simple in looks as well as simple to copy. It also offers space to place the items besides the TV to adorn the area.

pallets firepit and tv stand
Created & Shared by: Lynda Edenholm


pallets garden double seat
Created & Shared by: Robert Lawrence


pallets flag art
Created & Shared by: Chad Webster


repurposed pallets furniture set
Created & Shared by: Bryce Haight


wood pallets heart art
Created & Shared by: Robert Lawrence


Pallet wood nightstand
Created & Shared by: Adam Uhrich

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The outdoor space available in the home should not be left as it is because every area can be used for the seating and any area can be decorated for having fun with the family by creating a patio bench couch like the one presented here. The pallets are not cut into any design, so this idea doesn’t take time in completion. The back of the bench is slightly bent, so one can relax while sitting on it. It can be painted if someone wants to add color to the bench for the appealing look.

wood pallets patio bench couch
Created & Shared by: Gary Copland Powell

This is an idea which is perfect for the summer season, cold water and other drinks are needed chilled when a person plans to enjoy outside the home for which copying this idea of pallets made cooler is awesome. The space on the surface can be used for placing the glass and it also contains space to place the items required for having a meal.

wooden pallets made cooler
Created & Shared by: Sandi Aloha Wright

A rustic bench if created for the outdoor doesn’t mean it should not be paid attention while creating, this idea is great if anyone is looking for the seating arrangement in the patio or somewhere else outside the home.

pallets rustic bench 2
Created & Shared by: Brandon Bennett

Now here is an idea for the kids who love to cook and play cooking games, this idea of upcycled wood pallet mud kitchen is not hard to copy. It contains the hooks to hang the kitchen utensils and it also offers a space below to store the pans.

pallets mud kitchen plan
Created & Shared by: Jana Rogers

Chickens are lovely as other pets, they are sensitive than the dogs and the cats; so they should be provided a safe place to live outside the home. There is a slide to help the chickens enter the coop and the door is created with net to allow the fresh air to pass.

wooden pallet chicken coop plan
Created & Shared by: Fred Gibson

The idea we are going to show here is awesome because it serves for 2 purposes, it is a cabinet with the option of placing trash bin inside which can be tilted out easily. The idea is great because it covers the trash bin which looks bad if placed without cover.

pallets Tilt out trash bin cabinet combo
Created & Shared by: Alex Gonzales

Look at the pallets made bar plan, it is looking attractive because the pallets are painted with a great combination of colors. It can be created with a sober color as well if someone wants to offer drinks through it.

pallets bar plan
Created & Shared by: Betsy Townsend

There are many ideas to decorate the garden and one of the best ideas is here, anyone can copy this well planter idea to make it look like there is a small well, which is actually a planter. This idea offers placing plants of different colors for appealing look.

pallet well planter
Created & Shared by: Troy Merkey

Here is a unique shelf idea, it contains the space to hang the caps and place the items which can create a mess if placed on the table in the room. The idea is best to show the creativity with the pallets joint innovatively and there is a space to place small as well as big items.

pallet shelf idea
Created & Shared by: Terri Hartwick

We have shown many ideas for creating a shelf for wall, but now here we are going to present an idea which can be placed on the ground. This repurposed wood pallet decor shelving idea is awesome to create for a place which is empty and requires decoration.

pallets decor shelving
Created & Shared by: Dawn Davis

A great idea for creating an impressive craft is here, the pallets arranged for this idea are skin in color and the craft is not painted because it is looking sober as well as perfect. The craft is not hard to copy, but requires time for completion.

pallets wooden garden art craft
Created & Shared by: John Hilland

The storage space is required in every home, so here we are showing an idea for the storage cabinet creation with ample space to store the items. There is space to display the decorative items as well as enough space to place the items inside the cabinet with the door on it, so no one can see what is inside.

pallet storage cabinet idea
Created & Shared by: Evie DeChant

In the end, we would like to show you another amazing idea for the chicken coop, but this one is for many chickens. So, a person planning to take chickens with a lot of chicks with them can copy this idea to allow enough space for enjoying and relaxing.

pallets wooden chichen coop
Created & Shared by: Becky Reddinger Ritchey


wood pallet wall art
Created & Shared by: Kim Lemke


wood pallets rustic shelf
Created & Shared by: Mary Sylvester


wooden pallet planter idea
Created & Shared by: Eric L Ridenour


pallets bottle and glass holder
Created & Shared by: Alex Gonzales


pallets rustic cabinet
Created & Shared by: Kim Adams
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