Recycled Pallet Creations at Uiobeerco Bar – Ecuador


Not only the common people utilize the recycled pallets to create the innovative items in less money, but the bar and the other company owners also focus on the wood pallets to make their place attractive and unique. You can see that almost every piece of furniture and a few other things are also made up of reclaimed wood pallets. The walls of the bar are also decorated using the pallets because it is a creative way of making the area appealing. We have presented the different sections of the bar and every section is made eye-catching with the use of pallets.


The decoration with the wooden pallets is not just restricted to the interior of the bar as the pallets are also used for adorning the bar front. The bar front on which the name of the bar is written is made up of upcycled pallets at it looks different.


The bar counter on which the front desk officer is present for the queries and for keeping the check on everything related to the bar is unique which is made with the combination of 2 colors, one is skin color which is of wooden pallets colors and the other is dark brown for which the pallets are painted.


For the sitting of the customers, the place is arranged with the recycled pallets furniture and it makes the area look nice. Nearly everything present in the bar has a touch of pallets, you can see the wood pallets bar and the pallets bar shelving for placing the decorative items as well as hanging the mugs. Upcycled pallet wall is a great idea of making the place appealing.

recycled-pallet-furniture wood-pallet-bar pallet-bar-shelving upcycled-pallet-wall

Not every person is blessed with the sense of art and the one who have created the wooden pallets wall art is a creative person with an outstanding sense in making the wall attention-grabbing.


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