Pallet Wooden Lamp


Hello folks, how are you all doing? You know what, I am actually very excited to announce this particular wood pallet project. Like this is a pallet wooden lamp, sounds a bit strange or crazy right? Well, let it be like that. I am just more than sure that it is going to be a so damn handy pallet wood creation. Or probably I would say the simplest thing that you can try out of the shipping wood pallets. Are you excited too to see what exactly we have got right here for you guys? Then its great. Let us explore a bit more.


This is basically a thing that is designed to be a décor item more than its title name. like we can see here that it is a plain tall and slim wooden installation. We are further going to investigate the other portions and aspect in the coming paragraphs.

There are certain features that many of you could find confusing like the caricatures carved in darker shades. Being honest, we actually reclaimed them from another furniture item and simply pasted them on this wooden lamp. But it is not that traditional lamp that we usually see, but actually this could be considered a lamp carrier.

As we said earlier that this is basically something that is concentrating on the decoration of your room interior. That is why we have served complete justice to it. Like by adding these tiny caricatures and also a very staining touch to the wooden pallet lamp. And finally let me pour some light on the design and basic structure of this wooden pallet lamp. We have used different lamps on each tier of this wooden installation. Plus a couple of some other décor items on the bottom. Infact one of them is made at home where we used a glass jar.

Created & Shared by: Thomas Obornik

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