Pallet Wall Decor Pots Shelf


I know here in west we people are so damn conscious about the prices, especially the middle class. We really consider this to be a very substantial matter and we desire to grab the most utility while paying minimum possible resources. I don’t find anything bad in that at all. Saving money is a very good habit. And I guess this very factor has been the biggest motivational factor behind the pallet wood recycling and this compelled many people to be inclined towards this art. Today I am talking about the pallet wood wall décor pots shelf.


Although we have made a couple of wall shelves that were meant to be used for placing multiple accessories and also some of the decoration pieces as well. But the one we are talking about this time is meant to be installed in the wall especially for placing the planter pots. So this one is going to be a pretty huge wall erection made out of the shipping pallets. No need to get worried about the quality of the shipping pallets. They can be aged but be sure about one thing that they must not be broken atleast. Because the age would add to their artistic value but being broken they could really scar your room interior.

So this is just going to be so damn simple actually. Like once you are done with the dis assembling of the pallets, grab some straight lengths of the planks and fix them along the wall in a certain sequence irrespective of their length and measurements. Then obviously attach some wooden board horizontally on pre measured distances turning them into a shade where exactly you would place the planter pots. Its raw look and random length would render it a perfectly artistic look which is always desirable.

Created & Shared by: Jean Perea

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