Repurposed Wooden Pallet Water Cooler


The people who prefer to use their hands to create the items by recycling the used materials are wise as they know how they can save the money, which they can spend on any other important task. Most of the individuals use the wood pallets when they need to create furniture that can fulfill their requirement at home or office, so we love to show the unique ideas to them. Here we have a repurposed wood pallet water cooler idea for you, which help in providing cold water in the summer season anywhere in the home even in the garden.

Repurposed Wooden Pallet Water Cooler

You can see how the water cooler made at home look like; it is not weird and is not giving a look that it is not created by a professional. There is a handle attached on both sides to lift it anywhere.
recycled pallet cooler

Now see how the cooler can be fitted inside the box made using the wood pallets, the water tap to get the water out of the cooler is not hard to fix. All the items like the handle attached to the cooler are painted black which is adding grace to the piece.
upcycled pallets cooler

reclaimed pallet cooler

Have a look at the reclaimed wood pallet water cooler from behind, the door is attached neatly and the cooler can be placed in the lawn if a person wants to enjoy playing with the friends or kids on a hot summer day as the cooler will make the cold water available.
pallets made cooler

wooden pallet water cooler

The cooler available in the stores is expensive and when a person can recycle wood pallets into a water cooler, then why to spend the money as they can be spent on buying something that can’t be created at home. If the person knows the technique of pallets recycling, then copying this idea is not a big deal.
pallets water cooler

Created & Shared by:  Alex Garcia

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