Giant Recycled Pallets Bed with Storage


Nothing can be compared to the items that are handmade because they are not available in any part of the world and they show the creativity of the person. Like there are many ideas with which one can inspire others by copying it, there are many materials that can be modified into totally unique item and one of them is wood pallets. We are here with a great idea of creating a giant recycled wood pallet bed with the unique headboard style with spaces in it and a shelf attached to it for placing the items need to be used at the bedtime.

Giant Recycled Pallets Bed with Storage

See here the headboard idea about which we have talked earlier, the candles are placed on the shelf and it can be used for placing the lotion or an alarm clock. The headboard contains the spaces between the pallets to make it give a different look.
wooden pallet giant bed

It is a wise idea to arrange a storage space in everything a person makes with his/her own hand because it allows creating anything with any design. So, here you can see how the drawers are arranged below the giant reclaimed wood pallet bed.
big pallet bed with storage

Here is the overall look of the bed, isn’t it nice and sober? The pallets are painted white because maybe it is a bed for an adult’s room, but the pallets can be painted with funky colors as well if anyone wants to create a bed for the kid’s room.
wood pallet bed

The base of the giant repurposed wood pallet bed is not as the base of beds available in the furniture stores commonly because the bed is created by hand using the pallets, so the base is created innovatively. A single bed with this idea can also be created if the room is not spacious and the room is for a single person.
recycled pallets bed

Created & Shared by: Lucie’s Palettenmöbel

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