Cheap Household Storage Creations with Wooden Pallets


Storage space is the main issue in many homes, so we are here with many ideas for cheap household storage creations with wooden pallets that can be easily copied for fulfilling the storage need of the home. We are not going to show just one idea because we know that different individuals have different preferences, so everyone look at the ideas and copy the one which he/she feels is best for the home. Everyone is free to choose any of the below presented ideas for household storage and can paint it according to the furniture in the surrounding.

recycled wooden pallets closet plan

Let us start with an idea of reclaimed wood pallet closet with 2 different sections and the door of the sections is also separate. This is a good idea for the room with 2 individuals living, so they can store their items individually in their own section.
wood pallet closet


recycled pallets closet

Now see the closet with the doors opened, not every section contains the storage space like a box. There you can see more separations to place the item easily. It is a good idea to increase the storage space in the home without buying any expensive item like chest.
pallets closet plan

Created & Shared by: Franco Gaston Rodriguez

Here we have an idea which is good for a person who doesn’t like to place a closet in the room; this is repurposed wood pallet shelving and hanging project without the door. There is enough hanging area and there are many boxes like storage spaces to place the items like the shoes.
wood pallets shelving and hanging project

You can look how the creator of this idea has used the unique creation, there are pressed clothes hanged in the hanging area and the other storage spaces are also filled with the clothes that don’t need to be hanged. There is also a wide space upside the hanging area.
pallets shelving and hanger idea

The pallets are painted with light yellow color and it is looking nice on the place it is placed. If you want to copy it, then you are free it paint it with any color. There is just a hanging rod in this idea that is not created by hand at home.
pallets shelving cabinet


repurposed pallets shelving stand

The glossy paint is good to use for painting this upcycled wood pallet closet because it will give a great look when it shines. This idea show how amazing items can be created with the wood pallets, this is a proof for those who think the used material can’t be recycled and modified to create another thing.
wood pallets shelving

Created & Shared by: Fernando Pallets

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