Recycled Wood Pallet Dog Bed


A few days back when I was focusing on the generalized wood pallet ideas, some of my female friends and surfers called me sexist as I was not allegedly paying any attention and importance to the female specific pallet wooden creations. Now one of my friends was complaining that I must not neglect the animals and pets that are an important part of our social life literally. So before I get convicted again for showing no compassion to the pets, I am already set to present here a wood pallet recycled dog bed, sounds cool right? This would be huge sigh of relief for many who own a pet and want take much better care of their dogs.


The most interesting feature of this pallet wooden creation is the shape and design that one would rarely see around. I mean who on earth would pay so much attention and importance to a creation that is solely meant for the animals no matter how much you love them.

The design of this wood pallet made dog bed is exceptional and rather I would say exemplary. It has got all those desired features that would render your dog an atmosphere on the whole that he would not only love to live in, but would feel like being over protected and taken care of.
wood-pallet-dog-house wood-pallet-dog-house-idea

Although there is no exception as far as the material is concerned. Same simple pallet wood planks are used throughout the project, although we have done a very smart exploitation of a relatively darker stain shade that has given the project a whole new and exciting look.
recycled-pallet-dog-house pallets-pallet-dog-house

Inspired from a staircase, this dog bed would keep the dog elevated and there is a lot of space where he could lie down very comfortably in any posture.

Created & Shared by: SteynsWork PalletFuniture

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