Cheap / Creative / Awesome Wood Pallet Ideas


No matter a person wants to create a table as a part of the workstation or want to adorn the home with the handmade furniture, wood pallets are the best. The furniture of a home requires spending a lot of money on it if the person has purchased a new home or he/she has planned to change the overall furniture for a new look. The main benefit of reshaping the wood pallets is that a person gets the chance of creating any design and style, he/she can plus something to minus anything which is not according to the taste. Here are cheap and creative wood pallet ideas from which anyone can choose and copy:

Cheap Creative Awesome Wood Pallet Ideas

Let us start with the furniture for the TV launch and here you can see the idea for creating a reclaimed wood pallet TV stand with the space to place the decorative items above the TV and placing the DVD player below the TV.

pallets made tv stand
Created & Shared by:  Fernando Pallets

Here is another idea for adorning the TV launch by copying the idea of wall art shown here, the cabinets attached to the wall are looking great. It is easy to make a place for the switches in the pallets.

wooden pallet wall art
Created & Shared by:  Palettophile

For those who love the rustic look, here is the idea for creating the rustic media cabinet for which the wood pallets are not required to be painted. The actual color of the pallets gives the rustic look; there is a lock on the both side doors.

wooden pallet rustic media cabinet
Created & Shared by:

Now come to the idea for the bedroom, the repurposed wood pallet bed has the side tables attached to the bed and the color used for painting the pallets is white which is giving it a sober look. The base of the bed is stylish and it’s usually not seen in the market.

recycled wood pallet bed
Created & Shared by:  Pallets & Design

The bedroom needs a closet to place the clothes and the other items, so here is a unique idea of creating an upcycled wood pallet closet with multiple areas to place the items. Shoes can be stored in the spaces touching the ground and clothes can be hanged in the long space by attaching a rod.

upcycled pallet closet
Created & Shared by:  Perfecting Imperfection

This is an idea to make the wood pallet chest with a different style, the chest from the inside is also shown here to give an idea of how it looks from inside. The idea below combines the chest with the sofa and it is a great idea for saving the space.

pallet chest idea

pallet seat with storage
Created & Shared by:  Gilles Laisné

This awesome idea is not only perfect for the proper decoration of a home, but for a restaurant as well. The idea of seats on the wheel is innovative and the wooden pallet furniture is showing the great work of the creator.

rustic pallet furniture plan

rustic pallet furniture plan 2

recycled wood pallet furniture
Created & Shared by:  S.L.-Loftart

We also have an idea to show for the kids, this idea can be copied if the kids like to play in a playhouse. It is looking like an original house, the roof is painted with orange color and it can be painted with any funky color to make it look attractive.

pallets playhouse for kids
Created & Shared by:  Edgar Cabrera

Now come to the outside of the home, this idea for creating the vintage reclaimed wood pallet table with benches is perfect if the person has a spacious lawn in the home and he/she wants to decorate it uniquely.

vintage pallet table with benches
Created & Shared by:  Pallet Again Furniture & Antiques

An idea which offers many different storage spaces for different sized and shaped objects are great because they make it easy to place anything in a single thing. The wood pallet wardrobe is an example of something that we are talking about, you can see there is a space for bottles and other things. It is great to copy if there is a need of innovative wardrobe.

wood pallet wardrobe plan
Created & Shared by:  Lucie’s Palettenmöbel


recycled pallets stool
Created & Shared by:  Design palettes


wood pallet entryway table

recycled pallet patio furniture
Created & Shared by:  Konrad Beyer


wooden pallet tv stand
Created & Shared by:  Olivier Van Dam


reused pallet system desk
Created & Shared by:  Jimmy Punchline

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