Recycling Ideas for Wooden Shipping Pallets


Considering the reshaping of wooden pallets for inside and outside of the home is a wise idea because it is a good way of saving money, which can be invested in anything else and a person is free to create the furniture with the design that is not available in the market. One can create everything starting from the furniture for the TV launch and ending on the furniture for the garden of the home, wooden pallets don’t only work well when they are utilized for creating the furniture; but also helps in adorning the home with unique handmade decorative items. Let us show you a collection of awesome recycling ideas for wooden shipping pallets:

Recycling Ideas for Wooden Shipping Pallets

As stated above, a person can create the recycled wood pallet furniture for the TV room if he/she has decided to create every piece of furniture with his/her own hands. It is the most used room, so it should be paid special attention.

recycled wood pallet furniture
Created & Shared by:  Móveis de Paletes

Now here is a reclaimed wood pallet wall cladding and TV stand idea that requires some time in creation, but looks awesome as it is unique and makes the area look attractive. There is a space for attaching the TV as well as for placing the items linked to the TV like DVD player.

pallet wall cladding and tv stand
Created & Shared by:  Jak’s Yard

We love to show the ideas that increases the storage space in the home due to which we try to gather more and more storage ideas that can be created with the wooden pallets. So, here you can see an idea of creating chest of drawers with the smooth surface to put the decorative items.

wood pallet chest of drawers
Created & Shared by:  Kingdom Pallet Creations

Now here is another idea with the ample storage space, have a look at the repurposed wood pallet entryway table with drawers. It contains small as well as wide drawers; so long items can also be stored in it.

pallet entryway table with drawers
Created & Shared by:  Kingdom Pallet Creations

We prefer to keep the kids secure that’s why we have shared the idea of creating a pallet patio playhouse cabin for kids, which eliminates the need of allowing the kids to go to the parks to play.

pallet patio playhouse cabin for kids
Created & Shared by:  Edgar Cabrera

For the bedroom, here is an idea to have the storage space and the shelve for placing the items that will keep the room look attractive as you can see that the photo frames are placed on the shelf for the decoration. It is an outstanding wood pallet side table and shelf idea for those who want to create furniture with their own hands.

wood pallet side table and shelf
Created & Shared by:  Móveis de Paletes

Here is the view of how amazing your area can look if you prefer to create the reclaimed wood pallet shelves of different sizes with your hand to place the antique pieces. As many hollow spaces can be created as a person wants.

pallet wall shelves
Created & Shared by:  Esprit Des Palettes

See the creativity of a creative person as he wrote LOVE with the pallets, but it is actually a shelf. This idea of wood pallet love shelving is innovative and can be copied for the attractive setting. There is space in every letter of love to place the items.

pallet love shelving

wood pallet wall shelving
Created & Shared by:  Kingdom Pallet Creations

For the lawn or garden of the home, here is an idea of creating the recycled wood pallet Adirondack chairs with the table matching with them. The set is looking great and it is good to fulfill the requirement of outdoor setting by reshaping the wood pallets instead of running to the shop to buy the furniture.

Pallets Adirondack Chairs
Created & Shared by:  Mark’s Adirondack Chairs

The creative idea of using the wooden pallet fruit crates as the decor shelving is shown here. They are great to be used for placing the plant pots and the other decorative items to adorn the area inside or outside the home. Try this and your friends will get amazed!


pallet fruit crates decor shelving
Created & Shared by:  L’Art de la Caisse


recycled pallet planter
Created & Shared by:  Recycle Me Creations


recycled pallet table
Created & Shared by:  Recycle Me Creations


wood pallet garden furniture
Created & Shared by:  Gonza Gomez

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