Kids Fun And Play Ideas with Recycled Pallets


No one is safe outside home these days and the kids should not be sent outside the home, they should stay in front of the parent’s eyes. We know that there are many people out there, who can’t afford to get the playing items for their kids, which are expensive due to which kids prefer to play going in the parks, which is not safe for them. So, we have collected some kids fun and playing ideas with recycled wood pallets; they are easy to copy and loved by the kids because they are attractive.

Kids Fun And Play Ideas with Recycled Pallets

In the beginning, we would like to show a kids play cabin, which is perfect for the girls because it is painted with light pink color with the black colored hearts on it. There are 2 windows on the sides of the door as well as a window on the back of the cabin.
pallets made kids play cabin

Here is another awesome idea for allowing an interesting place for the kids to play inside the home, this is a kids play yard. The piece created with the pallets is not painted with any color; but it is looking great because the design is unique.
pallets kids play yard

Now you can see an idea for the reclaimed wood pallet playhouse for kids, which is huge and it contains a slide as well as a seesaw that is loved by the kids and they will not ask for the permission to go outside for playing with the friends.
recycled pallets playhouse for kids

Here we have shown an idea, which is just like a cabin; but the shape is of an engine. This is not only great in looks, but the items like this one are liked by the boys as they love the vehicles and like to play with the items related to vehicles.
pallets play engine for kids

The kids fun land idea presented here contains multiple ways of playing and there is also a board attached to it on which different colorful items are placed to make the idea impressive as well as unique. The fun land will take some days to complete, but will be liked by the kids.
pallets kids fund land

Here is a simple idea for the kids made up of wood pallets, but it is great for the area which is spacious as it will cover the area to make it look good and will also allow a safe item to the kids to have fun.
kids fun with pallets

The idea presented by us here is perfect because it contains a cabin as well as slide, when the kids want to play by sitting at one place; then it they can go in the cabin and when they have a mood to play; then they can enjoy the sliding.
pallets made kids sliding cabin

Kids are not a part of the home, who should be ignored and it is necessary to take care of them when it comes to allowing them play, so it is better to copy this idea for them; so they can play at home and will not ask to go in the park.
pallets playland for kids

Here are beautiful carts made up of shipping pallets, one is just like the pumpkin cart you have seen in the Cinderella movie. There is another cart with a handle as well, which allows moving it and kids love to sit inside it to have fun when someone drags it.
wooden pallet creations

Creating a play shed for the kids is best because it will prevent the mess of toys and other items of the kids inside the home, it also gives a place to the kids which they can set according to their desire by placing toys in it.
repurposed pallets play shed for kids

Now here you can see an item which can be used for the decoration as well as for playing. This idea is great for the boys and the color combination is looking graceful. The pallets are attached without reshaping them much, so it is easy to create.
recycled pallet plane for kids

In the end, we would like to show a huge play truck for kids idea made up of wooden pallets. There is a slide and empty space to play and set the toys inside the truck. The idea can be painted for funky look as it is looking sober without the paint. The selection of paint color is up to the creator of this truck.
pallets play truck for kids


pallets play cabin for kids


pallets playhouse for kids

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