20 Plans for Wooden Pallet Recycling


The individuals who prefer to reshape the materials that can be used again after they are utilized for their main purpose are wise because they know how they can save the money and that they are free to create the item with the design they wish. It is not a bad idea to recycle wooden pallets because they are easy to cut into any style and they are not much expensive, which everyone can easily afford. Just the innovative ideas are required for making unique items for the decoration and meeting the demand at home, so here are 20 plans which are not hard to copy and will look praiseworthy.


Whenever we make a list of the ideas of recycling wood pallets, we prefer to add an idea for the patio because we want everyone to decorate the patio and enjoy the weather. Here is a unique idea of creating pallet patio deck with furniture.

pallet patio deck with furniture
Created & Shared by:  Joel Burro

Placing the bench of usual design never adds up to the value of the area because everyone has viewed the style many times in different houses, so we are here with the amazing and stylish bench idea; which is perfect to make the area look unique.

wooden pallet bench idea
Created & Shared by:  Kayu Pallet Pine siap ketam

If someone wants a safe place for the infant for sleeping which can be placed beside the king side bed, then here is the idea to create the wood pallet attached bed, it can be transferred anywhere if required as it is light in weight and it also contains a space to place the items of the infant like shown in the image.

pallet bed attached bed for little kids
Created & Shared by:  Arte en Palets

The wood pallet is the best material to reshape because they give a fine look, which you can see in the picture with the entryway table. When it comes to fulfilling the storage need, then there are drawers and the space with door to store big items as well.

wood pallet entryway table plan
Created & Shared by:  Jyves De Dompierre

For the individuals, who love to decorate their home with everything they have; then we have an idea here for creating an indoor wall bar. There is a piece hanged to the wall and the remaining piece is placed on the floor.

pallet indoor wall bar idea
Created & Shared by:  Gabriel Böhle

The usual round or square shaped tables don’t look, if a person wants to adorn the home in a different way; then there is a need of placing unique items. Here we have shown the repurposed wood pallet cable reel side table, which is round; but half.

pallet cable reel side table plan
Created & Shared by:  Kaz’palette Design Creation

We love to show the wood pallets reshaping ideas with the hidden storage, so here is a great idea of creating pallet table with the storage and no one can judge that there is a space where the items can be placed to avoid the mess in the room.

repurposed pallet table with storage
Created & Shared by:  Paletten Jonny Möbel aus Europaletten

Rustic storage cabinet idea is shown here, it is a unique looking storage cabinet with the open as well as closed area. One can place the decoration pieces in the open area and can place the items in the covered area; which are not for placing opening like the items that are not used often.

pallet rustic storage cabinet
Created & Shared by:  Adam Uhrich

A side table never looks complete if it doesn’t contain drawers or a space with doors because a side table should allow placing the small as well as big items, which is its main purpose. So, here you can see the idea of creating a side table which can store different sized objects.

upcycled wood pallet side table plan
Created & Shared by:  Carole Fioretti

It is not always necessary to create the boring furniture for the patio; one can make it colorful with the use of funky colors like the idea shown here. There is a table and the seating area created with the pallets and painting them with an attractive color combination.

pallet colorful patio furniture
Created & Shared by:  Cris Brouck

People usually go for common setting idea, which makes their home look boring. We always try to show the ideas of recycling wood pallets which can make the home look appealing. This pallet wall art for TV is an innovative idea, which is easy to copy.

pallet wall art for tv
Created & Shared by:  Romain Emonet

There are some ideas, which helps in displaying the items like crockery in a good way and it eliminates the requirement of hiding the items at home in the storage spaces available. If you are one of the individuals looking for an idea to display, then copy this pallet wardrobe idea.

pallet wardrobe idea
Created & Shared by:  Perfecting Imperfection

Wood pallets are great because they not only fulfill the need of furniture at home, but can also be reshaped for the office or any other business purpose just like this idea of creating bar plan for the bar.

recycled pallet bar plan
Created & Shared by:  Christian Rodriguez

Now here we are going to show you a unique grill table idea, which also contains the cooler for enjoying cold drinks with the grilled food.

recycled pallet grill table idea
Created & Shared by:  Gustavo Rios

We know that kitchen also has the furniture requirement, so how can we forget to show the idea of creating something for the kitchen which fulfills the storage need? Have a look at the upcycled wood pallet kitchen island and you will love to copy it.

reclaimed pallet kitchen island
Created & Shared by:  Wood Junki

Tables usually contain 4 legs and the individuals who prefer to place them in their home, end up in making their home give a usual look. But this table can change the look of the area where it is placed, so if you are looking for an idea for making the area look different, then copy this one-legged table idea.

wood pallet table
Created & Shared by:  Rony Saldias Calzadillas

If anyone thinks that trash cans look bad when they are placed visibly, then here is an idea to cover them with the help of the pallets. The pallets will work great in covering the garbage cans and make the area look great.

Pallets Closet to trash operational
Created & Shared by:  Yoann Moulart

Rustic table with benches idea is here for fulfilling the seating demand outside your home; it can be used for having meal with the family on the weekends or enjoying party with friends.

pallet rustic table with benches
Created & Shared by:  Eric Françoise

Here is another style of bar idea, which can be copied for the bar need or for the home as well. It is simple in looks, but will surely make the area appealing.

reclaimed wood pallet bar
Created & Shared by:  Rony Saldias Calzadillas
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