Repurposed Wooden Pallet Projects


To make different creations with the wood pallet has always been a source of sheer satisfaction for me and my team like we have now started enjoying these pallet wooden projects literally. We have formulated a team, some of the team members work on the exploration of different pallet wood inspiration, some finalize them and then we start working on these different pallet wood projects. And from a long time we are not only working on these projects in isolation, but also documenting them for the benefit of other fellow wood pallet crafters and for the sake of record.


For instance let’s get started with this simple yet stylish pallet wood made table and bench. The most casual design is opted for this project, plus the quality of the shipping pallets is also pretty good. This is an ideal arrangement for the commercial and personal uses as well.

Created & Shared by:  Jorge Santos

While this could have been a simpler and straighter wooden pallet made room bed, but just to add some spice and enthusiasm to the shape we have experimented with this silly pallet wood idea, and guess what, it really worked. Like despite of this creepy style the bed is quite practical.

Created & Shared by:  Pallet Junkie’s and Wood Works

This sort of vintage wooden cabinets with drawers have been in fashion since ages. People have used them for multiple uses that include the personal and then commercial uses apparently. But wherever this kind of article is placed this proves to be of great use. Just look at the adorable knobs that are an additional feature other than the pallet wood.


Created & Shared by:  Nello Gigi

And in the end we just wanted to bring some woman oriented pallet wood repurposing project, and in regard to this here we have presented and eye catching and very useful pallet wood made kitchen installation. This is a gift for the ladies.

Created & Shared by:  Werrell Woodworks


Created & Shared by:  EPOH MM


Created & Shared by:  EPOH MM


Created & Shared by:  Doc Leinad


Created & Shared by:  Doc Leinad


Created & Shared by:  Wood Manufactory


Created & Shared by:  Daniel Heppner Erben


Created & Shared by:  Custom Made Furniture – DIY


Created & Shared by:  Custom Made Furniture – DIY


Pallet snowman almost 4ft tall, made to order (1 week) with lights $40 without lights $35, solid wood, Temperanceville, VA  Melissa McGee


Created & Shared by:  Eleven Eleven Woodworks

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