Recycling Ideas for Used Shipping Pallets


There are many ideas when it comes to utilizing the shipping pallets that are already available in your backyard, it is not a wise decision to throw away the wood pallets because they can be used in creating the inspiring items that are used on a daily basis. If you have a pet at home, you can use the pallets to make a safe home for him/her and if you want furniture for your new home; you can utilize the pallets for furniture creation purpose which will save your money.


If you want to buy a new vanity because you are bored with the old one, then there is no need to run to the furniture store because you can build it yourself according to your requirement. The recycled wooden pallet vanity looks nice and the color combination with which it is painted is unique.

Created & Shared by:  SG Pallet Furniture

The idea presented here for the upcycled wood pallet closet is outstanding because it offers the space to hang the clothes as well as it contains the drawers for placing the items. The pallets are painted with different shades of black and brown, which are looking good.

Created & Shared by:  Móveis de Paletes

Creating a sun lounger is a good if anyone likes to enjoy the warmth of the sun, individuals can also use it for sun tanning. It is easy to build and easy to build as well, the color is perfect to place in the lawn of the home; but can be painted with any other color according to the lawn decoration.

Created & Shared by:  Cristian Ridolfi

Other than planting and placing the herbs in the garden, you can adorn the garden by creating the herb garden where placing the herbs look great. Red and the natural color of the reclaimed wooden pallets is a perfect combination, you can go for any combination.

Herb garden was a nice little project. Created & Shared by: Hand Crafted Furniture – From re-lifed pallets

If you have a huge garden in the home, then creating the recreational area for the kids in it by building the shipping pallets playhouse is a great idea. It is perfect to make an enjoyable place for the children at home as it will eliminate the need of taking the kids to the parks for playing.

Created & Shared by:  Konstantinos Saitis

The idea shown here for the café chubby house which anyone can create using the shipping pallets by purchasing them at a low cost. This simple to make as the pallets can be used as they are and some pallets need to be painted according to the theme.

Pallet cafe cubby house with built in vertical garden.  Recycled Creations South Australia


Created & Shared by:  Paletten Jonny Möbel aus Europaletten


Created & Shared by:  Patrick GgnMondoloni


Created & Shared by:  Design palettes


Created & Shared by:  Nestor Amaya


Created & Shared by:  Paletten Jonny Möbel aus Europaletten


Created & Shared by:  Juan Carlos Canonico


Created & Shared by:  Sol Pallets


Created & Shared by:  Esprit Loft Recup


Created & Shared by:  Paletten Jonny Möbel aus Europaletten


Created & Shared by:  Rosemary Moldenhauer Boshoff


Created & Shared by:  Rough Edges Pallet Furniture

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