Recycled Wooden Pallet Cooler Plan


There are many materials that can be reshaped and recycled to create useful things, but the wood pallets are the best because they are strong and furniture can be made from them; which is a thing that requires spending a lot of money if a person is planning to change the overall look of the home or planning to buy a new home. It is not good to throw away the wooden pallets if they are available at home because they can be reshaped into amazing things just like the recycled wooden pallet cooler plan shown here:

Recycled Wooden Pallet Cooler Plan

The brown and black colored cooler is looking great; it can be placed in the lawn in the summer season to enjoy the cold drinks on the hot day. It doesn’t look weird because of the glossy finish used to make it shiny; the black colored paint for the border and the legs is making it look prominent.
repurposed pallet cooler

There is a place on the bottom of the reclaimed wooden pallet cooler on which the empty bottles or the glasses can be placed. More layers can be added under the cooler if the creator feels the need for them to place the items.
wood pallet cooler

Here you can see the wooden pallet cooler plan with the closed door, it is also painted black and there is a handle of silver color to open it; which is adding grace to it. There are handles on the both sides as well to carry the cooler anywhere easily.
recycled wood pallet cooler

recycled pallet cooler

There is a tap in the repurposed wood pallet cooler to make it easy to wash from inside, the water drains from the tap after the cooler is cleaned with it. So, it is a good idea which allows easy cleaning of the cooler, which is necessary for the human health.
reclaimed pallet cooler

patio idea with pallet cooler

pallet cooler

The cooler is not so heavy and the handles on both sides makes it easy to transfer it anywhere in the home, it can be placed inside when not required. A person can paint it with the combination of his/her own choice and can make it look funky with the bright colors for enhancing the beauty of the garden.
wooden pallet cooler

Created & Shared by: Alex Garcia

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