Recycled Wood Pallets Rustic Sink Idea


There are many materials which can be modified to create the outstanding items, but the wood pallets are the best because they look great even without treating with the paint. It is easy to smooth the edges with the sander and they are available at low rate. With the creative thinking, one can make the home adorable with the reshaping of the wood pallets. Here we are going to present an idea which can be created with recycled wood pallets you will be amazed to see the rustic sink for making the bathroom impressive.

Recycled Wood Pallets Rustic Sink Idea

Here is the look of the rustic pallet sink, it is created with the pallets as they were purchased. They are not painted, just cut into different sizes to fit the shape of the square box shown here. The round sink is looking great and will give a unique look to the bathroom.
rustic pallet sink

Here you can see clearly that there is a storage space with the doors, there is also a space to place the items without the door like the towel which a person has to use often after washing face and hands. The reclaimed wood pallet rustic sink idea is simple but sober.
wood pallet made sink idea

The space between the 2 sinks can be used for placing the decorative items or the products like shampoo and soap, which are utilized in the bathroom. The pallets can be painted with any other light and sober color as well because the wall color is white, so every paint color on the pallets will look great. The handle color is silver and it is looking nice on the pallets. The idea is innovative, which can make the bathroom look different from other bathrooms that are not decorated well. For the individuals with the love of creativity, it is a great idea to copy.
recycled pallet rustic sink

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